new items

I've tried some new arrivals in my local JC store last night.
I didn’t buy anything. I was looking forward to try black and white tweed skirt. I didn’t like it, just like I didn’t like the blushed tweed pencil ... It makes me look too matronly and I instantly feel 5 lbs heavier. I never get this feeling wearing other JC wool pencil skirts.


MMM said...

I think you look great in all of these! But if you didn't feel comfortable in them then you made the right choice in leaving them behind! :)

Thanks for sharing these w/ us again! Now I really need to try and fit-in a trip to my b&m here real soon!!

Pamela said...

I agree with MMM, if you don't feel good in something you won't wear and why waste the money to have it hang in the closet. I DO like the purple cardigan! Pretty!

Kathy said...

You do look very nice in all the things! I love a black and white tweed, but if you feel heavier in it, it won't look that good on me!

amy kelinda said...

I actually LOVE how the skirt looks on you! From your previous posts, I have to say that you look stunning in pencil skirts! But like the other ladies said, your comfort is what matters for purchasing decisions in the end. The purple ruffle top is such a lovely color. -swoon-

mrs.anketell said...

LOVE the garland tee.......did you buy any of these items? I also love that floral tee!! I didn't see it online, though. How much was this tee? Loving your blog!!!

Simply JCrew said...

TY, anketell.
I didn’t buy any of these items.
Sorry, I don’t know the price of the floral tee.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.