some new items


MMM said...

I saw the first tee (bought!) and cardigan when I was in the store last night but I did not see those last 2 tees...hhhmmmm!!! Thanks for sharing these- I guess I'll just have to go back there again- oh darn! ;)

Also, would you mind if I clipped your tee pictire to Polyvore? I totally understand if you don't want me to!! :)

mrs.anketell said...

I love ALL of those tees!!! I wonder if those bottom "rose" tees are new? never saw them,either. Imust get one!! and i love that cardi-----it looks super cute. Any other colors??

Cleo26 said...

I purchased the first tee in a champagne color, and i couldn't resist the cardigan. All of the new items look great on you! Did you pick up any?

mrs.anketell said...

how much were those bottom "rose" tees?

bug pin said...

Gosh, I really think they are missing the execution of so many things these days. Those rose tees are sad attempt to re-make the original. They look like a kids fabric glue project. Thanks for posting these-it really helps!

rynetta said...

Will you please tell me the name of the second sweater??? I haven't seen it in my store; it looks great on you!


Simply JCrew said...

Hello JCAs,

I didn’t buy anything this time. I am planning to get the new blue pencil skirt which wasn’t in the store this time… I am also planning to splurge on sapphire tweed skirt (stay tuned).

I don’t mind – please do…

I am sorry I don’t know the name of this cardi. I went to my local store and they had bunch of them. You can call there: J Crew at Atrium Mall Chestnut Hill, MA. Phone: 617-332-0122.

Bug pin,
I SO agree with you. You said it just right.

Mrs. anketell,
“The rose tee” was &29.99.

rynetta said...

Thanks SO much for the information about the sweater! A store near me has it on hold, and I'm going there tomorrow. Thanks again!!!!