Featherweight cashmere in bright marigold

This is another featherweight cashmere cardi that I got earlier this week with PROMO20:

I went to B&M last night. I purchased cashmere v-neck cardigan (21842) in bright plum for $49.99 (still $99 online - not good JC). I also got this tee for $19.99. This is my second tee that I bought this season. The fist one was Max and Molly.

I wore this tee today:

oh so pretty:

I also tried 120s Naeva dress (26864) in the store:

I finally wore watercolor pastiche perfect shirt and golden knots necklace to work this week:


Sue (reBloomer) said...

Thanks, it's nice to have a look at the brighter colors and see that they are wearable. My local stores don't carry the cashmere,so I appreciate seeing them irl.

mkk said...

Hi, what is the name or style number of the tshirt you are wearing? It looks great and hope to find it in my local store. Thank you!

Simply JCrew said...

From the receipt:
Painted Open Crew, KN772. There were many of them on sale in my B&M (no XS). I hope you'll find it.